How do I put my region on the hypergrid?

If you are running a standalone or private grid, or if your region is on one of the grids that is hypergrid-enabled, then you can put your region on the hypergrid.

If you have a hosting provider

If you rent your region from ReactionGrid, SimHost, or one of the many other OpenSim hosting companies out there, then you should ask them to enable hypergrid. If you want to put a hypergrid teleportation portal on your region (a “StarGate”) then you will also need to ask them to enable OSSL functions.

If you are running the Diva Distro

Congratulations, you are already on the hypergrid!

Or you should be, if your ports are routed correctly. If you have more than one computer in your house sharing the same Internet connection then you are using a router, and will need to route the ports.¬† The management page for your router is normally at You will need to redirect incoming traffic to the computer running OpenSim, often found under the “Gaming” control tab. This is normally ports 9000, 9001, 9002, and 9003 — more, if you are running more regions. You may also need to set up DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) for your computer to get the port routing to work. The details of how to do it are different with every router, unfortunately. If it’s too complicated, consider splurging around $20 a month to host a region professionally, or use an automated region launcher, such as Adam Frisby’s launcher for OSGrid, which takes care of the port routing for you.

If you are still having problems teleporting to other grids, it could be because you are too far away from everybody else. Remember that you can’t currently jump more than 4,096 regions in any one direction.

Shutdown your OpenSim instance, and edit the coordinates of your regions in the RegionConfig.ini file in your Regions directory. If you plan to be teleporting to ReactionGrid, set your location coordinates in the general neighborhood of 1000, 1000 to 3000,3000. There are four regions, so I recommend changing just the first two digits of each coordinate to “10” so as to avoid separating your regions by accident. Save and restart OpenSim.

If you plan to teleport to OSGrid, FrancoGrid, Cyberlandia, Grid4Us and most of the other public grids out there, set your coordinates around 8000, 8000 — which would only put you one jump away from ReactionGrid should you decide to go there, and put you well within reach of most of the 10000, 10000-centered public grids.

Your version of OpenSim may also be out of date. If that’s the case, you’ll appreciate the handy Upgrade utility that comes with the Diva Distro.

If you are running another distribution

You will need to edit your OpenSim.ini file with a text editor and set Hypergrid to true, and set up the world map and make a couple of other configuration changes. Instructions are here.

If you also want to have a hypergrid teleportation portal on your region, then you will need to enable OSSL functions. You will need to AllowOSFunctions  and set  OSFunctionThreatLevel to high.

You will also need to configure the port routing, as with the Diva Distro.

If all this doesn’t sound like fun — and remember, you have to do this every time you upgrade OpenSim, as well — then shell out for professional hosting.

Do you need to put up link regions?

Link regions — where a region from the destination grid looks like it appears on the map of your grid — are purely for convenience. If you travel frequently to a particular destination, you might like to have it on a map nearby. This also allows you to type in just the region name when teleporting, and not the entire hypergrid address.

You can still hypergrid teleport even if you have no link regions attached to your grid.

Do you need to put up a hypergate?

You might want to have a hypergate on your home or office region to provide a convenient way to get to your favorite destinations. You can put up a hypergate that’s set to automatically teleport you to just one place, or one that you can “dial” for a particular destination. There are also menu-driven hypergates available that show lists of the most popular destinations.

The advantage of putting up one of the menu-driven gates on your land is that your region is automatically added to the hypergate’s own directory, so that other people who use the same kind of gate can easily find you.

Check out some of the other hypergates in use by visiting one of the many regions that have hypergates. Most gates are set “free to copy” so that you can take a copy and bring it home to your region or grid.